Alumni Association

Patna Science College Alumni Association (P.S.C.A.A.) was started in year 2002. It is registered under societies Act. 21, 1860 (Registration No. – S000097/2020-21). The existing Executive committee has reaffirmed and further decided to make P.S.C.A.A. more evolving & broader by making it more participatory for all with an objective to promote and support existing facilities available to teaching faculty and students of Patna Science College.

P.S.C.A.A. Office

Address –

Patna Science College Campus,

Ashok Rajpath, Patna – 800 005,

Bihar, India


Dr. Jagannath ThakurPATRON IN CHIEF


Dr. Deepak Kr. SharmaCHIEF PATRON


Dr. Arun Kumar SinhaPATRON


Dr. S. R. PadamdeoPRESIDENT












The membership of the Association will be open to all Alumni above the age of 25 years. The membership will be awarded to any Alumni on a formal submission of duly filled application form (either Online or Offline) with pre requisite information / documents.

Categories of Membership:-

Honorary Membership – This will be granted by Executive Committee to alumni for outstanding achievement and to dignitaries of high stature.

Life Membership – This will be granted on lump sum payment of Rs. 3000.00. Annual Membership- Annual membership Fee is Rs. 250.00 per year.

Donor Membership – This can be obtained on lumpsum payment of Rs. 10,000.00.

Co-opted Membership – This will be offered to persons of very high level of knowledge & experience in specific area of interest or issue of consideration and if any are voluntary willing to render their services for development of P.S.C.

The amount of subscription can be changed from time to time by the PSCAA authorities.

Termination of the Membership:

An alumni ceases to be a membership of P.S.C.A.A., if he / she –

  • Resigns or dies or becomes unsound of mind or bankrupt.
  • Gets convicted by a competent court or sentenced to imprisonment for any offence involving moral turpitude.
  • Is found by the Managing / Executive Committee to be engaged in activities which are against the interest of the society.
  • Is in default in payment of his / her subscription beyond a period exceeding three months, grace period from its due date.



  1. To promote and support existing facilities available to teaching faculty and students of Patna Science College Campus. To explore Teaching / Research / Scholarship grant through sponsorship and Grants along with welfare measures for staffs / ex-students of P.S.C.
  2. To create an interactive platform through Alumni (Ex-students of P.S.C. Campus and all permanent faculties of P.S.C. Campus) Association. To make P.S.C.A.A. an extended family and will provide conductive platform for sharing of experience by the seniors (from different professional fields) for exposure to new generation learners.
  3. To keep the college and its pass outs in family bond by keeping the ties of alumni and alma-mater intact through regular Alumni meetings. In due course, P.S.C.A.A. will create its own ‘Monogram’ and will get it registered under ‘Trade mark’ registration rule. Till then it will carry official monogram of Patna Science College.
  4. To share the views and experience of learned alumni (Worked at national / international level, Govt. / Public Institution or Pvt. Bodies or as Independent entrepreneur / Consultant or with any Organisations). These exposure will be beneficial for quality addition among present students. To encourage Alumni to support their Parent Alma mater with their academic and material resources, with enhanced participation.
  5. To encourage the alumni to take abiding interest and extend hands in the all-around progress of Patna Science College Campus by supporting it with scientific equipment and imparting training to students by using their experience and expertise.
  6. To initiate and organize scholarship / assistance funds to help the economically and socially weaker sections along with deserving meritorious students / staffs of the college campus.
  7. To institute prizes and awards for the alumni, faculty and students (academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities) for their outstanding achievements as well as to recognize social and community services rendered by them.
  8. To create number of Academic / Research chairs at Patna Science College to promote research and development and promoting for different academic persuits.
  9. To promote and support activities for improving the standard of teaching, research and other academic activities of the college by resource mobilisation and by imparting Training on regular basis.
  10. To provide a platform for discussing scientific problems and technological developments in the nation perspective and to cater tp local needs.
  11. To promote interactions with different colleges, industries and society at large. In addition to it, the training of faculty of other institutions may be initiated in due course. The alumni may adopt nearby public / govt. schools (Preferably Rural) to provide Lab. Training through Low-cost equipment and other academic supports.
  12. To publish its own P.S.C.A.A. – Souvenir / Journal / News Bulletin etc. after due authenticated certification from competent bodies.
  13. To have its Central Registered Office Patna Science College, Patna in Patna Municipal Corporation area. Any number of chapters of this association can be opened anywhere outside P.S.C. Campus, but only after prior approval of Executive Council of “P.S.C.A.A.” under specified terms & Conditions mentioned in bye-laws with the restriction that no chapter can get itself independently Registered and cannot use Monogram of Patna Science College or P.S.C. or P.S.C.A.A. All chapters will work under one umbrella “P.S.C.A.A.”.
  14. To develop Vocational / Soft Skill training Centre and to strengthen existing Workshop and Museum available with various departments.
  15. To sponsor Students / Faculties under exchange programme at various centers across globe.
  16. To develop Girls Hostel inside P.S.C. Campus.
  17. To develop Centralized Air-conditioned Library inside P.S.C. Camus.
  18. To develop Exam Centre with Capacity of around 3000 students inside the P.S.C. Campus.
  19. To develop an closed Auditorium of around 1000 seating capacity.
  20. To develop Patna Science College Field (opp. Gymnasium) into an open-Teacher-cum-stadium model.
  21. To mobilise resources for supporting and fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Association.
  22. To undertake and promote all such activities, as are conductives and / or beneficial to the interest of the college, its student or alumni.


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