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Patna Science College offers B.Sc. Honours courses in Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology. Apart from these courses it provides teaching of vocational courses under self financial scheme that include B.Sc Honours in Biotechnology, Computer Applications (BCA) and in Environmental Sciences. Besides, Hindi and English are taught in B.Sc. classes.

The College is highly reputed for teaching and research.

Botany Department : The Department of Botany is located on the first floor of the biology block. The laboratories of B.Sc are on the northern side besides the library, research room and lecture rooms. The central part has lecture theatres, common rooms, demonstration rooms and store room. The Department maintains a Botanical Garden situated at the east end of the college campus. The Post Graduate Department of Botany also runs from this building.

Chemistry Department : The Department of Chemistry is situated in a sprawling building at the west end of the campus. The Post Graduate Department is also located in this building. The building houses a workshop, departmental library, five laboratories, special laboratory for senior professors, lecture-theatres for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Classes, special physical chemistry laboratory, dark rooms, ice making machine, oil gas store, etc. All the laboratories are well equipped. The departmental library has more than 13000 books.

Geology Department : The Department of Geology is placed in a separate building at the northern part of the college campus. The Post Graduate Department also runs from this building itself. It has state-of-the-art laboratories, good museum, rich library and well-maintained lecture rooms. Besides it has modern software of GIS and remote sensing, and audio visual facility for teaching and research. The department also has a modern conference hall and a rich library.

Mathematics Department : The Mathematics Department is located on the ground floor of the Administrative Block. The honours classes are mostly held in lecture halls 10, 16 and 17. The students attend the tutorial classes in Room No. 10 and office room of the faculties. The department houses a library of its own. The Post Graduate Mathematics Department is situated in an independent block located at the west of the Administrative Block.

Physics Department : The Physics Department is accommodated in an independent building The B.Sc. classes are held on the ground floor while the upper floor has the laboratories. The ground floor also has one workshop, one research laboratory, one museum of equipments, departmental library and the common room along with two big lecture halls. There is a small observatory on the first floor. The library contains large number of books for different classes. The Post Graduate Department of Physics functions from this building itself. The laboratory is well-equipped for classes and research work.

Statistics Department : The Post Graduate (PG) Department of Statistics conducts the undergraduate and post graduate teaching under a centralized system. It is located in Math-Stat Building at the western side of the administrative building. It was constructed in 1960 to accommodate the PG Mathematics and PG Statistics Departments. The Department has a very rich library containing thousands of books and many journals. 

Besides, it has two state-of-the-art big air-conditioned computer laboratories containing computers with recent softwares. The Department also runs-three year Master in Computer Applications (MCA) course under the self finance scheme.

Zoology Department :  The Zoology Department is situated on the ground floor of the Biology Block of the campus. It has laboratories, library, well lighted research room, lecture theatres, lecture demonstration rooms, one museum and one store. It has provision for audio visual show. Students are made acquainted with the fauna of the country. The library contains thousands of current books and journals. The Post Graduate Department of Zoology also functions from the same building itself.

English Department :  The English department is located on the ground floor of the eastern side of the administrative block.

Hindi Department :  The department is placed on the first floor of the eastern side of the administrative building.

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